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About Me

I am an ordained Non-Denominational minister who has been seeking answers to Christian Doctrine since I was a teenager. I had a period where I turned away from seeking Christianity out of frustration with the establishment and the dearth of viable answers to what I felt were practical and logical questions: by which doing so made me vulnerable to the clutches of the world and it's vices and ills (rage, anger, materialism, infidelity, and alcohol), yet I always found myself coming right back into the knowledge seeking that my spirit had desired. I have dedicated years of my life to study the history of the early church as to decipher as to how the church has gotten to the point where it is this present day. When I officially gave my life to Christ, my inquisition intensified as access to more research documents and teachings became available to me. I have found many things that disturb me with the conventional teachings of the modern day church which conflict with the words that I’ve read in The Bible and genuine literal interpretations from various scholars and true church leaders. I hold to the ideas of Martin Luther, who attempted to bring Christianity back to its pure form (its roots) and turn away from man-made doctrines and practices that were not taught by Jesus Christ. God has blessed me with very decent, Godly and honest mentors, friends, and pastors along my journey, and has supplied me with the resources I desired to further my preparation for this time. My hope is that I can bring the literal truth of The Gospel to all who visit this site. God has always been here for me in my life, and I have no doubt that He will continue to bless me as I am determined to spend the rest of my days serving Him and giving Him the glory. Please feel free to read my blog topics and leave comments, or you can send me regular mail or e-mail at the information on my contact page. Shalom!

Minister E. Lionel Perry

Our Creed

At Profound Disciple Ministries, we are focused on providing sound Biblical Doctrine along with research articles from all over the world pertaining to archaeological finds from The Holy Land which will verify the historical accuracy of The Bible. I have been researching numerous truths from The Inspired Word if God for many, many, years and seek to disseminate this information via writings from various scholars, authors, and church leaders, as well as my own observations and writings. My "Ministry Moment Series" is my personal blog which God has put on my heart to educate, inspire, and encourage feedback and deeper discussion. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come so stay tuned.

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